Enablers of the Intelligent Enterprise

We live in a world immersed in data. It emanates from our smartphones and our digital devices. Every time an email or text is sent, a database updated, or a part shipped, new data is generated. This data is too big and too unstructured for organizations and enterprises to use. Because they rely on traditional approaches for managing and analyzing data and on statistics to find meaning. And while machines are great at performing mathematical computations, they struggle to intuitively find meaning from data.

Our Solution: Intuitive, Intelligent, Integrated.

Enterra’s Enterprise Cognitive SystemTM — Aila® — is a cognitive computing platform that enables organizations to capitalize on the power and potential of Big Data with advanced analytics and actionable insights that fundamentally inform organizations about the business, customers and value chains in which they operate.

Aila can be applied to any industry or domain, from CPG manufacturing to marketing mix optimization, chemical manufacturing to new drug development, retail marketing to government services and defense.

Aila is a 7×24 platform to autonomously help monitor, understand, reason about, and recommend actions for your most complicated business problems, without the need for siloed analytic systems and tens of expensive data scientists. Aila is a fully configurable platform, but we also have pre-configured solutions ready to go for a variety of Industries.

Our multi-disciplinary Cognitive Enterprise group will help you understand and apply the possibilities of cognitive computing within your enterprise.

Our “crawl-walk- run” approach accelerates your adoption of the platform. This serves to limit your risk and drive measurable ROI.

Aila is a revolutionary cognitive computing solution built for the digital enterprise. Let’s get started. Because