Meet Aila®, from Enterra Solutions, pioneers of the Enterra Enterprise Cognitive SystemTM. It’s a cognitive computing platform that combines artificial intelligence and advanced mathematics to reason and solve problems in a way similar to people. A quantum leap beyond traditional analytics and business intelligence software, Aila becomes a vigilant, persistent “cognitive presence” within your organization’s internal and external data systems. Traditional enterprise software and business intelligence tools have clearly defined uses: manage this, record that, compare this, describe that. Aila, however, is something entirely new and different. It’s the world’s first Enterprise Cognitive System. By harnessing artificial intelligence and advanced mathematics, Aila can analyze data, draw inferences and generate insights on-demand. Once deployed, Aila is always on the job and ready to tackle any assignment. It’s as simple as talking to your best business experts, and your queries are answered in plain language, too. Those answers can come in the form of recommendations, and Aila (unlike “black-box” approaches) can show you the reasoning behind them. Once those recommendations are acted upon, Aila feeds results back into the system to apply to future queries. Put another way, Aila learns. And that learning is accessible to anyone who needs it, across the organization.

What Aila Will Do For You

  • Tackle questions traditional data analytics simply can’t, without relying on a team of data and quantitative experts
  • Generate surprising insights that reduce costs, speed up operations, and increase profit
  • Optimize and manage operational systems automatically
  • Adapt to conditions as and when they change


You don’t need to simplify a question for Aila. You don’t need to master the complexities of modelling data, constructing queries, or performing mathematical and statistical calculations. Just ask Aila in plain language. Don’t be afraid to make it challenging.

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