The Enterra Supply Chain Intelligence SystemTM

Supply chain management is among the most complex domains in all of business. With thousands of interrelated, cascading market signals and variables from suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, and with vast amounts of data, managing and transforming supply chains into a strategic business advantage is well beyond the core capabilities of most organizations.

The Enterra Supply Chain Intelligence SystemTM offers organizations and enterprises the ability to develop highly efficient, intelligent and adaptable Cognitive Value Chains that are positioned to thrive and flourish in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Our solution does not replace major investments made in ERP or legacy systems.
Instead, it serves as an intelligent wrapper surrounding your existing systems to monitor and extract data all along your supply chain, much like a trained team of IT professionals.

The Enterra Supply Chain Intelligence SystemTM can identify internal and external anomalies before they cause a disruption. It can also calculate the cascading consequences of those disruptions to mitigate risk. What’s more, Enterra technologies can automate key decision points and functions along the supply chain based on knowledge learned from structured and unstructured data.

For example, Aila® can extract relevant data from written documents that define compliance rules, and then identify orders that risk being out of compliance. With Aila®, advanced forecasting comes in many forms, allowing managers to better match supply and demand requirements to avoid being out of stock or having excess dead-stock.

Systems Of Connectivity

Weather/ climate

Consumer demographics


Public data



Social sentiment

Enterra’s System Of Insight And ActionsTM

Product innovation and market entry

Consumer experience/digital path to purchase

Category management and shopper marketing

Integrated planning and collaboration

Supply chain automation and strategic sourcing

Workflow effciency and capabilities

Systems Of Record

Enterprise resource planning

Supply chain managemant

Customer relationship management


Sales & Marketing

Human resources

Governance & compliance

We analyze data from both the systems of connectivity and the systems of record. Insights are generated through semantic and mathematical analysis, and then executed through the system of record for automation and optimization.