The Enterra System of Insight and ActionsTM for CPG

Big Data Analytics and Insights help CPG companies better understand consumer behavior by semantically analyzing multiple internal, external and syndicated data sources. This allows companies to build a rich, composite view of consumer preferences to expand market share and drive new product development that leads to quicker consumer adoption.

The Enterra System of Insight and Actions solutions offer large-scale and complex, structured and unstructured, data integration, ontology, rules-based thinking and learning, advanced analytics and insights, and an ability to act within a prescribed decision cycle. The Enterra Enterprise Cognitive SystemTM – Aila® dynamically captures market signals and applies business logic, business rules and predictive analytics. It keeps clients up to speed with real-time information that helps answer some of today’s most complex supply chain challenges.

Digital Path to Purchase

Enterra’s Digital Path to Purchase solution enables CPG companies to finely target consumer products to precise households and consumers according to micro-segmented demographics. We combine advanced Big Data Analytics with an insights-driven recommendation engine to identify preference. This allows CPG managers to optimize consumer marketing, inventory decision-making, trade promotions, product configuration, and even direct-to-consumer mobile promotions and engagement strategies. Features include:

Strategic Advisory Services and Implementation Planning

Advanced Big Data Analytics and Insights to determine consumer and retailer behavior

The Enterra Master Intelligence Data SystemTM is designed for the complex, change-intensive environments of Big Data Analytics and Insights

Real-time, data-driven insights to maximize sales, satisfy consumers and improve retail efficiency

Sensory Identification System

Enterra’s unique Sensory Identification system employs an innovative scientific method to create highly accurate data representations of the way an ingredient, product or recipe tastes and smells. These identifiers are used to precisely target products and recipes to individuals and households whose preferences match these data representations

Our Sensory Identification solutions can ingest survey data, retailer POS, loyalty data, along with ClickStream behavioral data, to create a personalized sensory profile for an individual’s or household’s taste and smell preferences. This provides deep market intelligence that allows CPG manufacturers and marketers to create highly targeted and effective campaigns

Enterra SensoryMapTM

Our SensoryMap solution provides companies an easy-to-understand way to visualize consumption and demand patterns by geography. This way they can know what Americans are eating and what they will prefer to eat in the future. Predictive modeling allows marketers to simulate consumer acceptance by region, proving deep insight and forecasting capabilities.

Pre-mapping preferences to geography allows marketers to quickly determine if a product will sell well in each given area. Enterra’s SensoryMap products are available by any number of individual zip codes. They can be augmented with additional data and insights to improve forecasting, enhance target marketing and better align inventories to demand.

Product Placement & Recipe Targeting

With Enterra’s targeted recipe insertions and product placement option, CPG companies face an emerging opportunity to spur product demand, directly, at the same time consumers make decisions as they browse web-based food content related to recipes, shopping and cooking.

The key is our unique ability to capture vast amounts of consumer data, analyze it in real-time, recommend and inject products directly into web-based content. Targeted and highly engaging, Enterra recipe insertion and product placement transforms Big Data into big opportunities for CPG companies.

High Value Target Analysis:

Enables retailers to micro-segment and finely target precise products and promotions to individuals and households based on their preferences

Product Analytics and Insights

Delivers sensory-related data and analysis that helps CPG companies gain better insights into consumer behavior

Market Mix Optimization

A Big Data Analytics opportunity to identify how to optimize advertising and promotional mixes to maximize ROI in a dynamic media environment

Productive Inventory/Product Assortment

Helps retailers optimize their productive inventory and better align product assortment

Pricing and Promotion Strategy Insights

Allows for hypothesis modeling and simulation to understand the complex interplay between pricing and promotion

Next Generation Customer Insights

Leverages Enterra’s grasp of Big Data to better understand consumer behavior and how it impacts loyalty, promotions, discounting, pricing, e-couponing and other engagement strategies