The chemical industry operates in one of the most complex and high risk supply chains in the world. It is characterized by volatile industrial markets, inherently hazardous and closely regulated products, feed stocks that often originate in unstable conflict regions and inter-dependent logistics networks of rail, road, ocean, and pipelines that must safely transport vast quantities of raw materials and finished product to producers and markets. These factors all converge to increase risk and add to the unpredictability of chemical production, transport and marketing.

Optimizing and Safeguarding Supply Chains

Big Data Analytics provide an obvious path to streamline and safeguard chemical supply chain management. The Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System™ (ECS) allows chemical manufacturers to capture, curate and analyze vast amounts of data and information generated at every step along the chemical supply chain.
Intuitive, intelligent, and integrated. The Enterra ECS provides an artificial intelligent platform that can find the nuanced relationships hidden inside huge volumes of data resulting in a safer, more predictable supply chain in one of the world’s most complex industries.