Enterra’s approach to Cognitive Computing is powerfully different, based on the very human premise that meaning can only be divined through the ability to Sense, Think, Act and Learn™. The computing power now exists to reason, rationalize and put to productive use information, through the automated ability to:

Sense. Our world is rich and complex, defined by a hidden lattice of assumption, expectations, rules, and common understandings. To understand is to sense the world around us. Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other advanced data acquisition technologies, Enterra finds meaning in words, rules and relationships as used by humans. It’s much more than capturing data, it’s about acquiring knowledge from nuanced, non-obvious, incoming market signals. Enterra’s NLP and data management capabilities automate the acquisition and curation of data, allowing our clients to gain deep insight into the significance of relationships as easily as the human mind does.

Think. The process of thought, or thinking, is how we interrupt and understand the world. It’s how we predict an outcome, find a relationship, create the associations that bind our businesses, organizations, societies and enterprises. This is where traditional artificial intelligence has failed due to its inherent brittleness or rigidity. Enterra’s Cognitive Reasoning Platform™ overcomes this limitation through a more expressive language. It allows all needed concepts to be entered and considered and can elegantly handle conflicting knowledge, such as weighing pro and con arguments to arrive at an overall conclusion.

Designed for massive parallelism and scalability, embedded with the world’s large common sense Knowledge Base, Enterra computing engines understand how the world operates through general ontologies (rich knowledge bases), as well as pre-configured industry specific ontologies that allow clients to quickly include domain knowledge.

Act. The ability to affect change, to derive an outcome, to optimize a process or procedure, the goal of Cognitive Computing is informed action. And that action can be either automated or assisted to ultimately deliver an improved result. One way Enterra enables action is through personalized recommendation engines. These engines direct and lead behavior through better informed, highly-targeted promotions that generate demand. Enterra also enables action through optimization loops that continually inform supply chain performance transforming them into competitive business advantages, true Cognitive Value Chains™.

Learn. Machine learning provides inherent efficiencies by automating a process, operation or procedure. Yet most systems have no way to learn and update themselves. Enterra’s technology platform was designed from the ground up to understand the world and how it works, to reach reasoned and actionable conclusions and then to benefit from this learning automatically as data is sensed, processed and acted upon.