We live in a world immersed in data. It emanates from our smartphones. It resonates from devices. It’s created each time an email is sent, a database is updated or a part is shipped. It’s Big Data, but it’s often too big and too unstructured for organizations and enterprises to use.

That’s because traditional approaches to managing and analyzing huge volumes of data rely on statistics to find meaning. While machines are great at performing mathematical computations, they struggle to intuitively understand and find meaning from data.

Enter Enterra®

The Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System™ (ECS) combines the efficiency and accuracy of computational computing with the analytic and predictive abilities of human reasoning. The Enterra ECS can receive extraordinary volumes of data from any source, structured and unstructured, understand the nature of the data, learn from the relationships and connections it discovers, make decisions, and take actions to achieve defined outcomes.

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Integrated.

The Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System™ is an artificial intelligence platform that allows organizations to capitalize on the power and potential of Big Data through advanced analytics and actionable insights that fundamentally inform organizations about the business, customers, and value chains in which they operate.

The Enterra Cognitive Reasoning Platform can be applied to any industry or domain … From CPG manufacturing to marketing mix optimization, chemical manufacturing to new drug development, retail marketing to government services and defense.

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