An ontology allows computing systems and machines to understand concepts and domains through a common vocabulary that represents the relationships between those concepts. Ontologies are key to artificial intelligence and Cognitive Computing and foundational to The Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System™. Ontologies structure and represent knowledge about the world and domain specific knowledge to allow computer systems to reason like the human mind does through the interrelationships of data elements within a system of categories.

Intuitive Understanding

Ontologies are like the intuitive aspect of human reasoning that allows us to easily make connections and associations. Ontologies also allow for the understanding of subtle relationships that the human mind handles so easily such as the conditions of sometimes or always, sarcasm or wit, and when events only happen under certain conditions.

This native ability is key to leveraging Big Data. Data is nothing without meaning. Enterra models semantics to allow machines to understand the very nature of that data.

Enterra’s rules-based ontologies allow for inferences (forward chaining) and deductions (backward chaining) to understand data. Enterra utilizes a vast common sense ontology to understand the real-world then applies industry or domain specific ontologies to model industry-specific and specialized knowledge.