Key to Enterra Big Data Analytics is a series of technologically sophisticated processing engines. Interrelated and dependent upon one another, Enterra Analytic and Insights engines understand data not just as ones or zeros in a string of code, but rather as inferences that form meaning.

The General Inference Engine

The General Inference Engine forms the basis of the Enterra platform and serves to process autonomic rules. Optimized to work with our open-world ontology and incorporating the inferential logic necessary for decision support, the General Inference Engine allows for the rich, non-obvious discovery of relationships through the Rules-Based Inference System.

The Enterra Hypothesis Engine™

The Enterra Hypothesis Engine allows for the dynamic generation of reasoning plans, allocation of analytic tasking between reasoning and quantitative and/or optimization algorithms, and the interpretation of data and analytics within a machine for rapid experimentation, modeling, and simulation. This allows users to auto-discover the statistical relationships within their data, made possible by deep levels of machine level semantic understanding. The Enterra Hypothesis Engine can:

  • Issue statistical validation queries to a database’s optimized statistical computation capabilities.
  • Semantically reason about the statistical query results. Assert and strengthen new semantic learning.
  • Generate new and refined additional hypotheses for validation to discover additional relationships and new learning.
  • Machine-discover insights that can then be made available for automated and/or human-assisted decision making.

The Enterra Perturbative Engine™

The Enterra Perturbative Engine can model the cascading effects of an action within a complex network such as a supply chain and then plot recommendations and optimization based upon a desired outcome. The Enterra Perturbative Engine can:

  • Model supply chain interdependencies within the ontology.
  • Calculate the cascading effect of the event as it ripples outward in time and affects various dependent relationships throughout the supply chain.
  • Plot and recommend alternative courses of action.
  • Model and simulate disruptions to identify risk and provide for contingency planning.

The Enterra Generalized Recommendation Engine™

The Enterra Generalized Recommendation Engine allows for specialized recommendations that match unique product attributes to personal preferences.

The Enterra Targeting Engine™

The Enterra Targeting Engine identifies specific sub-sets of data or populations from large data sets by using uniquely identified criteria. For instance, the Enterra Targeting Engine can identify unknown sub-sets of a consumer base to allow manufacturers and marketers to expand their market share beyond their core consumers, based upon the product’s unique attributes.