Princeton University Department of Chemistry Appoints Stephen F. DeAngelis as Visiting Professional Executive in Cognitive Reasoning Platforms


June 05, 2017

Stephen F DeAngelis President of Enterra Solutions®, LLC, and Massive Dynamics, LLC, has been named a visiting professional executive in cognitive reasoning platforms collaborating with the Princeton University Department of Chemistry. DeAngelis will work with the Laboratory of Professor Herschel Rabitz and Princeton faculty on researching a novel application of cognitive computing to the analysis and control of complex systems at the molecular scale and higher. DeAngelis will also examine how high dimensional model representation (HDMR) can be used to improve cognitive reasoning platform efficiency and provide a way to represent reasoning as a complex system. HDMR comprises a set of emergent mathematical techniques for improving the efficiency of deducing and learning the high- dimensional input-output behavior of complex systems.

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