New Jersey Tech Weekly Profile’s Enterra CEO Stephen DeAngelis


June 05, 2017

In an article entitled, “Catching up with Stephen DeAngelis, CEO of NJ company Massive Dynamics and Newtown, PA’s Enterra Solutions,” Marc Weinstein, reporter for the New Jersey Tech Weekly, profiles Enterra founder, President, and CEO Stephen DeAngelis. Weinstein begins by noting Mr. DeAngelis’ recent Yale University appointment as a visiting professional in Professor Herschel A. Rabitz’ laboratory in the university’s Department of Chemistry. In addition to profiling Mr. DeAngelis, Weinstein also highlights work being done at Enterra Solutions® and its partner Massive Dynamics. In the article, Mr. DeAngelis explains that technologies being developed at Enterra and Massive Dynamics, combined with the university’s work in high dimensional model representation, create an ideal testing ground for the advancement of basic computational concepts while also being of intellectual value to laboratory researchers.

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