Enterra Solutions Featured in Article about Cognitive Computing


June 05, 2017

The September 2015 issue of KMWorld, includes an article written by Dr Judith Lamont entitled “Cognitive Computing: Real-world applications for an emerging technology”. Enterra Solutions is one of the companies prominently featured in the article. “Part of the promise of cognitive computing is that it can address issues that span the globe or focus on a single individual,” writes Dr. Lamont. “The Enterprise Cognitive System (ECS) from Enterra Solutions can manage risk in global supply chains, determine how to optimize trade promotions or identify a flavor that matches a consumer’s personal tastes, among other applications.” She then quotes Stephen DeAngelis, CEO of Enterra, who told her, “A tremendous amount of data is being collected today by organizations, but the challenge is that there are not enough data scientists to analyze it quickly. We saw a requirement for systems that could not only ingest a lot of data, but also reason, calculate and generate actionable insights at machine speed in order to take actions within decision cycles.”

To read the entire article and learn more about what Mr. DeAngelis had to say, click on this link.