We live in a complex world, where solutions to our most difficult challenges are often obscured by the sheer volume of data and the weight of teasing out signals, meaningful relationships and associations that are all around us, but are conflicting, non-obvious and beyond the capabilities of today’s computers and systems.

Enterra Solutions is committed to solving these highly complex problems through technologies and solutions that mimic the human brain, and its intrinsic ability to Sense, Think, Act and Learn™ in automated, scalable environments that account for real-world complexity. Our Big Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing solutions find meaning and insights that improve performance, reduce risks and provide measurable competitive advantages, across domains in areas such as supply chain management and consumer marketing as well as inside specific industries such as Consumer Package Goods, Retail and .

From the Mind of Enterra come solutions designed to manage and analyze complexity in ways that uncover new meanings and insights to empower decision making, and allow managers to take command and advance their organizations in an increasingly chaotic, opportunity-rich, data-driven world.