Enterra Big Data Analytics and Insights help CPG companies better understand consumer behavior by semantically fusing multiple internal, external, and syndicated data sources. This allows companies to build a rich, composite view of consumer preferences to expand market share and drive new product development that leads to quicker consumer adoption. Enterra Analytic solutions offer large-scale and complex (structured and unstructured) data integration, ontology and rules-based thinking and learning, advanced analytics and insights, and an ability to act within a prescribed decision cycle. Our Cognitive Reasoning Platform dynamically captures market signals and applies business logic, business rules, and predictive analytics to supply clients with real-time information to help answer some of today’s most complex supply chain challenges.

  • High Value Target Analysis: Identifies High Value Targets by gaining deep insight into what drives purchasing by the customers you need to acquire to grow market share.
  • Marketing-Mix Optimization: A Big Data Analytics opportunity to identify how to optimize advertising and promotional mixes to maximize ROI in a dynamic media environment.
  • Pricing and Promotion Strategy Insights: Allows for hypothesis modeling and simulation to understand the complex interplay between pricing and promotion.
  • Product Analytics: Delivers sensory: related data and analysis that helps CPG companies gain better intelligence into consumer behavior.
  • Productive Inventory/Product Assortment: Helps retailers optimize productive inventory and better align product assortment.
  • Next Generation Customer Insights: Leverages Enterra’s ontology of the consumer with Big Data to better understand consumer behavior and how it impacts loyalty, promotions, discounting, pricing, e-couponing, and other engagement strategies.