Team Up for Tomorrow

Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of top professionals from industry, national security, science and engineering, including former CIOs of Global 1000 corporations.

The Enterra management team consists of the leading minds and thought leaders in artificial intelligence, computer and data science, natural language processing, applied mathematics and statistics, engineering, ontology, knowledge management, supply chain management, organization and network resiliency assessment and management.

Stephen DeAngelis

President & CEO

Stephen DeAngelis is a technology entrepreneur and patent holder with over 25 years of experience helping pioneer the application of advanced cognitive computing technologies and applied mathematics to commercial industries and government agencies.[Bio]

Jason Glazier, Ph.D., CFA, FLMI

Senior Vice President, Chief Scientist and Chief Technology Officer

Dr Jason Glazier has two decades of experience in the financial and information technology fields.[Bio]

Major General Nolan Sklute, USAF (retired)

Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel

As Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Major General Nolan Sklute, USAF (retired), oversees all Enterra administration and contracts with the federal government.[Bio]

Samir Rohatgi

Senior Vice President of Client Services

Samir Rohatgi has responsibility for the project and delivery management on client implementations.[Bio]

Daniel Shaffer

Senior Vice President, Consumer Products and Retail Industry Group

Mr Shaffer has nearly 30 years of consumer goods experience and enjoys a proven record of success in streamlining and reengineering processes that improve business efficiency and effectiveness.[Bio]

Dominick A. Corigliano

Vice President of Sales

Mr Corigliano has been a talented sales executive for over 25 years.[Bio]

Glenn Elias

Senior Vice President, Technology Operations

As Vice President of Client Operations, Glenn Elias helped to form Enterra’s Client Operations Group as part of the company’s Professional Services Team.[Bio]

Bradd C. Hayes

Senior Director of Communications and Research

A former research professor in the Warfare Analysis and Research Department of the Center for Naval Warfare Studies, Naval War College, Newport, RI, Mr Hayes is a retired US Navy Captain, who served as the Deputy Director of the Naval War College’s Strategic Research Department from August 1992 to retirement in 1996.[Bio]