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In this blog, we discuss cognitive computing and other technologies with a focus on supply chain management and innovation. Other topics of discussion include digital enterprise transformation, marketing, the Internet of Things, and smart cities. Our goal is to advance the public discussion about how cognitive computing and other advanced technologies affect the world in which we live.

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Profile in Leadership: Jeff Bezos Testifies Before Congress

Stephen DeAngelis

August 10, 2020

For Amazon, Leadership and Customer Focus Equal Success

Earlier this month, Congress held hearings during which the CEOs of four big technology companies — Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Google — testified. [READ MORE]

Will Customers Experience a No-touch Future?

Stephen DeAngelis

August 07, 2020

The sense of touch is important to the human experience. [READ MORE]

The Consumer Packaged Goods Industry Shines During the Pandemic

Stephen DeAngelis

August 06, 2020

One of the unexpected consequences of the pandemic is a new appreciation by consumers for shelf-stable foods and other consumer packaged goods (CPG) products. [READ MORE]

Personalization Still Matters

Stephen DeAngelis

August 05, 2020

One of the most oft-heard phrases during the pandemic has been: "We're all in this together. [READ MORE]

Will Supply Chains Ever Return to Normal?

Stephen DeAngelis

August 04, 2020

As countries struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, one hears and reads a lot about the "new normal. [READ MORE]

Supply Chain Lessons Learned during the Pandemic

Stephen DeAngelis

August 03, 2020

Prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, supply chain professionals labored in near-anonymity. [READ MORE]

Parents Face Difficult School Choices This Fall

Stephen DeAngelis

July 31, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and the continued spread of COVID-19 has parents of school-age children in a quandary. [READ MORE]