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In this blog, we discuss cognitive computing and other technologies with a focus on supply chain management and innovation. Other topics of discussion include digital enterprise transformation, marketing, the Internet of Things, and smart cities. Our goal is to advance the public discussion about how cognitive computing and other advanced technologies affect the world in which we live.

Bradd C. Hayes is the active editor of this blog.

Hurricane Season Brings New Risks to Pandemic-stressed Supply Chain Chains

Stephen DeAngelis

June 22, 2020

Still entangled in the throes of the pandemic, U. [READ MORE]

The Pandemic Motivates Changes in the Food Supply Chain

Stephen DeAngelis

June 19, 2020

The novel coronavirus outbreak piqued interest in supply chain operations, particularly in the food supply chain. [READ MORE]

Modern Business Intelligence

Stephen DeAngelis

June 18, 2020

Intelligence is a word packed with nuance. [READ MORE]

A Few Thoughts about Supply Chain Management

Stephen DeAngelis

June 17, 2020

Supply chain management (SCM) sounds like a straight-forward topic; nevertheless, numerous articles have been written on the subject explaining what it is and what it isn't. [READ MORE]

The Future of Robotic Process Automation

Stephen DeAngelis

June 16, 2020

Thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic keeping millions of workers at home, robotic process automation (RPA) has been receiving a lot of hype. [READ MORE]

Digital Transformation Helps with Corporate Alignment

Stephen DeAngelis

June 15, 2020

Whether you're driving your car or running a business, when things are out of alignment, performance suffers. [READ MORE]

Why People Are Concerned About Ethical AI

Stephen DeAngelis

June 12, 2020

Most people don't think about ethics when they think about technology. [READ MORE]