Big Data presents big opportunities and big challenges. The ability to capture vast amounts of data is meaningless if that data isn’t managed, secure, and accessible—capable of being analyzed and leveraged to meet real business objectives.

The Challenge of Big Data

The problem is that data comes in many forms, from many sources, internally from ERP and CRM systems and externally from consumer interactions. It can be structured and unstructured, generated by way of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, GPS, and RFID. All defined by the six V’s of Big Data: Volume, Variety, Veracity, Velocity, Visualization, and Value.

Harnessing Big Data is a major undertaking. Getting there requires a capable partner that understands the importance of managing and mitigating privacy and security risks and is expert in managing and maintaining vast amounts of data. Enterra has extensive experience in secure data sharing and management according to the highest security protocols.

Managed Solutions

Enterra provides Managed Data Services and Secure Information Sharing (SIS) capabilities that plumb directly to its clients in a clean, rationalized, and interrelated form, readily available for analysis and use. The Enterra SIS system offers automated rules management capabilities to monitor data source policies, apply automated situational awareness, and offer an attribute-based access control model to coordinate secure data sharing across networks.