Supply chain management is among the most complex domains in all of business.

With thousands of interrelated, cascading market signals and variables from suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, and with vast amounts of data, managing and transforming supply chains into a strategic business advantage is well beyond the core capabilities of most organizations.

The The Enterra Enterprise Cognitive System™ (ECS) offers organizations and enterprises the ability to transform their supply chains into highly efficient, intelligent, and adaptable Cognitive Value Chains positioned to flourish in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The Enterra ECS does not replace major investments made in ERP or legacy systems. Rather, it serves as an intelligent wrapper that surrounds existing systems to automatically extract and monitor data all along the supply chain, much like a professionally trained team of IT professionals.

The Enterra ECS can identify anomalies — both internal and external — before they cause a disruption and it can calculate cascading consequences of those disruptions to mitigate risk. All the while, Enterra technologies can automate key decision points and functions along the supply chain based on knowledge learned from structured and unstructured data. For instance, the Enterra ECS can extract relevant data from written documents that define compliance rules and then can identify orders that risk being out of compliance. With the Enterra ECS, advanced forecasting comes in many forms, allowing managers to better match supply and demand requirements to avoid out of stock and avoid excess dead-stock.

Enterra’s Cognitive Value Chain Solutions by Industry

In consumer products and retail, Enterra’s Cognitive Value Chain solutions are transforming the way major consumer brands—and others in their ecosystem — optimize inventory, execute promotions, connect with consumers, meet buyer expectations and improve service throughout the value chain.

In drug development and life sciences, Enterra’s Cognitive Value Chain solutions offer Big Pharma the ability to generationally transform drug discovery and manufacturing by improving efficacies and safety, reducing costs, complying with regulations and delivering better treatments and cures more quickly into the hands of doctors, patients, pharmacies and retailers.

In the government sector, Enterra’s experience serving U.S. governmental agencies and critical infrastructure providers such as ports and harbors positions it to be a leader in next generation Cognitive Value Chain solutions for the complex systems that operate and secure our government.