More and more, consumers and buyers are driven to purchase by data and information that informs, educates, persuades, tracks and recommends goods and services. Understanding and leveraging this Digital Path to Purchase (DP2P) is key to directing consumer behaviors and decision making. Capturing and curating this data is only half the challenge. By combining Big Data Analytics with Cognitive Computing—or the ability of a computer to apply human reasoning to Sense, Think, Act and Learn®, Enterra is helping leading brands generate the insights necessary to identify, build, and manage complex Digital Path to Purchase initiatives.

The Enterra® Advantage

Our solutions can capture and curate vast amounts of online and offline transactional data and interactions, and then find obscure connections and relationships that marketers can use to lead buyers to purchase their products and services.

In consumer products, for instance, Enterra is building Digital Path to Purchase programs that establish unique taste and smell sensory profiles for individuals and their households. The Enterra platform intelligently learns by understanding the specific personalized behavioral attributes of consumers through our Ontology of the Individual™. In other words, it realizes and empathizes with the true nature of a consumer as he or she interacts in the market. Cognitive-based reasoning then predicts, directs, and connects to offer recommendations unique to the buyer. Digital Path to Purchase solutions are now replacing anecdotal and experiential market research with data-driven analytics that generate rich insights into consumer behavior and market segmentation. The end result is enhanced abilities to direct specifically targeted actions within the critical consumer decision cycle—all at the moment of purchase.