Cognitive Computing and Big Data are transforming the way businesses, governments, and organizations solve their most complex problems. Data is all around us. But making sense of that data is challenging. It comes from everywhere and in many shapes and formats, structured and unstructured, from the Internet, mobile devices, social media, GPS, RFID, and elsewhere in neat and tidy columns and tables or more random. It is data that is too big and too chaotic to be leveraged by organizations.

The Enterra Cognitive Reasoning Platform™ (CRP) solves these challenges by combining the speed and accuracy of computational computing with the adaptive and predictive capabilities of human reasoning. It automates the analysis of vast amounts of data to uncover previously unknown connections, conclusions, inferences, and deductions that improve decision making across industries or domains.

Transforming Industry

In consumer products and retailing, Cognitive Computing is helping manufacturers and retailers identify precise sensory profiles of consumers to help manufacturers create, market, recommend, and suggest tasty new products to consumers. At the same time, these new technologies are helping companies identify and create the Digital Path to Purchase that drive purchasing by informing, educating, persuading, tracking and recommending goods and services.

In the supply chain, Cognitive Computing and its ability to analyze extraordinary volumes of data is improving operations, reducing waste, enhancing promotions, and ultimately delivering products more efficiently to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

In life sciences, Cognitive Computing and Big Data are revolutionizing our understanding of how genetics impact the onset and progression of disease, accelerating the discovering of drugs to treat and cure on the molecular level.

The Enterra CRP is helping some of the world’s leading brands and organizations realize the power of artificial intelligence and use it to transform their operations, supply chains, marketing, and new product development. Within industries and across domains, Enterra is solving some of today’s most complex business challenges to create a world that is better informed by the data around us.