I'm Stephen F. DeAngelis, a technology and supply chain sector entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in building, financing and operating technology and manufacturing companies. I founded Enterra Solutions, LLC, in 2003 to address the global complexity challenges of corporations and governmental agencies through the effective use of artificial intelligence and patented best practices. Read more about Stephen F. DeAngelis

In this blog, I discuss issues about the effects of globalization on business and government with a focus on supply chain management, innovation, and technology. Our goal is to advance the public discussion about Enterprise Resilience Managementâ„  and the new organizational environment.

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Wiring Money and Enterprise Resilience

May 12, 2006

Today’s Washington Post contains an interesting article about how competition has reduced the cost of wiring money from the United … Continued

Great Article on Service-Oriented Architecture

May 11, 2006

Yesterday, Enterra’s Senior Managing Director, Tom Barnett, and I met with Accenture CTO, Donald Rippert. Fortuituously, he had just published … Continued

Resilience and Culture, Take Two

May 8, 2006

Mark Safranski at ZenPundit responds to our post on resilience and organizational culture with these provocative thoughts: …overlapping levels of … Continued

Resilience and Organizational Culture

May 5, 2006

Mark Safranski at ZenPundit is up with a thoughtful post about the organizational attributes that enhance or undermine resilience. This … Continued

Resilience, Technology and Human Workflow: Enterra’s Doug Todd in SOA Web Services Journal

May 2, 2006

We describe Enterprise Resilience Management as a new enterprise architecture — one that integrates people, process, technology and data, and … Continued

Moving Forward on Development in a Box: Tom Barnett’s Update

April 27, 2006

We would not want you to conclude that conversations about Development in a Box are taking place only online.  Tom … Continued

Resilience Discussions: Quick Takes

April 26, 2006

Worth noting — several new commentaries on resilience-related themes… Shawn Beilfuss at Asia Logistics Wrap deepens his exploration of Tom … Continued

Global Guerrillas on Raytheon: Resilience, Platforms and Collaboration

April 24, 2006

The discussion about Development in a Box — and the larger Enterprise Resilience Management framework — continues to evolve.  One … Continued

Still More on Development in a Box: Asia Logistics Wrap Makes the Connections

April 20, 2006

We’re continuing to catch up with the ongoing dialogue about Development in a Box and need to point to this … Continued

The Development in a Box Discussion: Two Commentators Who Get it

April 18, 2006

I’ve already mentioned that my article on Development in a Box at Tech Central Station provoked some negative commentary — … Continued

More on Modularity: Pitt and Sarbanes-Oxley Reform

April 14, 2006

No sooner do we begin to explore the concept of modularity than an example presents itself — in yesterday’s Wall … Continued

ZenPundit and Art Hutchinson: Resilience and Modularity

April 11, 2006

Mark at ZenPundit expands on his recent comments about our Development in a Box article with these thoughts about resilience … Continued

Resilience and the Complexity Gap: Snapshots From The Wall Street Journal

April 10, 2006

When we describe the need for Enterprise Resilience Management, we often speak about the Complexity Gap — the gap between … Continued

Resilience, Trust and Assurance: An Introduction

April 7, 2006

We’ve written before — and will again — about the role of Enterprise Resilience Management in establishing trust and assurance … Continued

Complexity Again: Andrew Sullivan on Tom Barnett

April 6, 2006

Leading blogger Andrew Sullivan has this to say about this post by my colleague, Enterra Solutions Senior Managing Director Tom … Continued

More on Development in a Box: Resilience, Responsiveness and Flexibility

April 6, 2006

Reaction to the Tech Central Station article on Development in a Box has been quite good.  Thanks to Mark at … Continued

About Enterprise Resilience Management: A Welcome to Tech Central Station Readers

April 5, 2006

If you’ve found this blog as a result of my Tech Central Station article, welcome! A few words of introduction … Continued

Development in a Box: Exploring Resilience and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, at Tech Central Station

April 5, 2006

Enterprise Resilience Management is a framework that can be applied at a variety of scales — from a single function … Continued

Logistics, Connectivity, and Security

March 31, 2006

Tom Barnett points to a long and thoughtful post by Shawn Beilfuss on the role of logistics in stabilizing Gap … Continued

Networks and Public Health: Seeds of Resilience

March 30, 2006

Worth reading: a thoughtful omnibus post by Bruno Giussani, reporting on several developments and viewpoints at the intersection of IT … Continued

A Different Take on Resilience: Mallaby on American Business Culture

March 28, 2006

Dan Drezner cites this provocative take about the basis for American competitiveness in the era of globalization — by Sebastian … Continued

Hutchinson on Terrorism: Unpredictability, Again

March 27, 2006

Art Hutchinson returns to the theme of unpredictability, this time in the context of terrorism: Terrorism is fundamentally not a … Continued

Businesspundit on the Value of Experts

March 24, 2006

Businesspundit raises doubts about the wisdom of crowds and speaks in favor of the wisdom of experts. Provocative comments, very … Continued

Net-Centric Resilience: Serving Information to the Warfighter

March 21, 2006

Defense Tech provides an overview of an Army Times article on the U.S. Army’s CALL (Center for Army Lessons Learned) … Continued

Why Process Is Essential: James Pinkerton at TCS Daily

March 20, 2006

James Pinkerton writes, in the first installment of a two-part article at Tech Central Station’s TCS Daily, that we pay … Continued

Avian Flu, Continuity, Resilience: The New York Times and Jeff Jarvis

March 17, 2006

The New York Times reported yesterday on the potential impact of Avian Flu on business ("Is Business Ready for a … Continued

Trust and Assurance Update

March 16, 2006

Dave Chesebrough, President of The Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) writes at The Net-Centric Dialog about the persistent and growing … Continued

Art Hutchinson on Avian Flu: Predictability, Positive Action and Resilience

March 15, 2006

Interesting comments by Art Hutchinson about Avian Flu.  Reacting to recent news reports and to the Wyoming Pandemic Flu Summit, … Continued

Resilience, Decentralization, Security: John Robb in Fast Company

March 14, 2006

There’s growing recognition that we need resilience — and that networked, adaptive systems are the way to achieve it.  The … Continued

Energy and Resilience: Yergin in Foreign Affairs

March 10, 2006

Daniel Yergin, chairman of CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates), is the author of "Ensuring Energy Security," an extensive article just … Continued

ZenPundit on Mazarr

March 9, 2006

As promised, ZenPundit is up with a balanced critique of Mazarr’s article ("Extremism, Terror, and the Future of Conflict," Policy … Continued

Mazarr: “Extremism, Terror, and the Future of Conflict”

March 8, 2006

Commentary is underway in the blogosphere about this extremely complex article — "Extremism, Terror, and the Future of Conflict," by … Continued

Upcoming on Defense Tech: Real-World Net-Centricity

March 7, 2006

Defense Tech announces an upcoming story on how network-centric warfare technologies are performing in the real world (scroll down to … Continued

SOX, Innovation, and Resilience

March 6, 2006

Bob Greifeld, President and CEO of NASDAQ, argues today in the Wall Street Journal op-ed ("It’s Time To Pull Up … Continued

Avian Flu: A Resilient Response

March 3, 2006

Today, more commentary in The New York Times that helps make the case for resilience.  Kendall Hoyt writes about the … Continued

Stability, Resilience, and Democratic Values

March 2, 2006

Robert D. Kaplan, writing in The Washington Post, is right and wrong at the same time: Globalization and other dynamic … Continued

Mardi Gras: Resilience and Culture

March 2, 2006

As we’ve pointed out before, here and here, for example, culture is a critical element of resilience.  Resilience is the … Continued

Iraq, The Grid, and Resilience

March 2, 2006

Good commentary in today’s New York Times by Glenn Zorpette of IEEE, about the critical role of the power grid … Continued