Technology and Education

February 28, 2014

In several past articles on education, I’ve mentioned the work being done by the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation on a … Continued

Innovation: Geniuses and Perseverers

February 27, 2014

In past posts about innovation, I’ve discussed the so-called “myth of the lone genius.” Creativity gurus point out that even … Continued

Targeted Marketing and More Granular Segmentation

February 26, 2014

Back in 2000, Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt starred in a movie entitled “What Women Want.” The movie was about … Continued

Taking Advantage of the Tetherless World

February 25, 2014

To what, you might ask, does the term “Tetherless World” refer? Currently, the Tetherless World is mostly a concept. According … Continued

Global Supply Chain Risk Management

February 24, 2014

If you’ve ever watched ABC’s Shark Tank, you have probably heard one or more the sharks (i.e., angel investors) press … Continued

3D Printed Food

February 21, 2014

In a post I wrote last year entitled “Trekkies Rejoice! Food Replicators are Coming Soon,” I discussed how culinary schools, … Continued

The Global Literacy Collaborative Demonstrates the Power of Technology-assisted Education

February 20, 2014

You may never heard of the Global Literacy Collaborative; but, if you believe that education can help reduce poverty and … Continued

Food Security and Climate Change

February 19, 2014

At the end of a previous post entitled “Resilience in the Food Supply Chain,” I indicated that I would write … Continued

The Age of Predictive Business

February 18, 2014

During the run-up to 2012 U.S. presidential election, a 34-year-old statistician named Nate Silver “used an elaborate series of calculations … Continued

Big Data and the Pharmaceutical Industry

February 17, 2014

“Big data has grown to prominence in the pharmaceutical market over recent years,” writes Lucy Hill, “turning into a key … Continued

Big Data Analytics Promise Big Insights

February 14, 2014

“Companies are getting more data,” writes, Michael Fitzgerald, “in fact, the typical company doubles the amount of data it stores … Continued

Old MacDonald had Big Data — EIEIO

February 13, 2014

“Big data. If you haven’t yet heard that term dropped in casual conversation with other farmers,” writes Jim Langcuster, “you … Continued

Smart Cities, Like It or Not, Will Require Technology in the Future

February 12, 2014

Back in 2008, University of Newcastle professor Robert G. Hollands, noted that the term “smart cities” suffers from “definitional impreciseness, … Continued

The Disruptive Nature of 3-D Printing

February 11, 2014

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), wearable devices appeared to capture the most attention (see my post entitled Wearable Devices … Continued

The Growing Importance of Natural Language Processing

February 10, 2014

Interest in natural language processing (NLP) began in earnest in 1950 when Alan Turing published his paper entitled “Computing Machinery … Continued

Innovation: Is Less More?

February 7, 2014

A little over a year ago, Chuck Frey, Senior Editor at, wrote, “Matthew E. May, author of the new book … Continued

Targeted Marketing is Changing the Game

February 6, 2014

“Consumer marketing used to just be about ‘spray and pray’ tactics,” writes Hansen Lieu, a Director of Solution Marketing at … Continued

The World Economic Forum Identifies Global Risks

February 5, 2014

The World Economic Forum, in collaboration with Marsh & McLennan Companies, Swiss Re, Zurich Insurance Group, National University in Singapore, … Continued

Resilience in the Food Supply Chain

February 4, 2014

A couple of years ago, Daniel Dumke wrote, “The food supply chain satisfies one of the most basic Maslowian needs. … Continued

Cognitive Computing and Human/Computer Interactions

February 3, 2014

“Computers have entered the age when they are able to learn from their own mistakes,” writes John Markoff, “a development … Continued