Education Reform in the Spotlight

January 31, 2014

This is the time of year when the President and state governors offer up their “state of” speeches. This year … Continued

Big Data and Epidemics

January 30, 2014

Matthew Braga reports, “There exists an organization that, using nothing more than the cellphone in your pocket, can track where … Continued

The Growing Importance of Supply Chain Risk Management

January 29, 2014

“In uncertain times,” writes Gavin Hinks, “risk management shoots to the forefront of every business mind, but recently, supply chains … Continued

Google’s Acquisition of Artificial Intelligence Firm Points Way to the Future

January 28, 2014

“Our brains don’t need to tell our lungs to breathe or our hearts to pump blood,” writes Ravi Arimilli. “Unfortunately, … Continued

Big Data and You

January 27, 2014

I’m a businessman; so, it is not difficult for me to see the beneficial side analyzing Big Data. I’m also … Continued

Latest Advances toward Quantum Computing, Part 2

January 24, 2014

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed, inter alia, how researchers are working to create more stable qubits. Philip … Continued

Latest Advances toward Quantum Computing, Part 1

January 23, 2014

It seems as though breakthroughs leading towards a traditional quantum computer occur almost daily. I say “traditional” quantum computer because … Continued

Mobile Technology and Healthcare

January 22, 2014

Dr. Bonnie Feldman, Ellen M. Martin, and Tobi Skotnes report, “In healthcare, the data generated by mobile phones and sensors … Continued

Transporting Chemicals Safely Through the Supply Chain

January 21, 2014

The recent leakage of the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) from a storage tank owned by Freedom Industries Inc. into the Elk River … Continued

Location Still Matters in Marketing

January 20, 2014

Kirk Goldsberry reports, “In its 375 years, Harvard has only ever eliminated one entire academic program. If you had to … Continued

The Rise of the Internet of Things

January 17, 2014

Chet Namboodri predicts that 2014 is going to be a big year for the Internet of Things (IoT) or, as … Continued

Value Chains and Emerging Markets

January 16, 2014

In his book entitled Global Tilt: Leading Your Business Through the Great Economic Power Shift, Ram Charan persuasively argues that … Continued

Will Smart Homes Contribute to Smart Cities?

January 15, 2014

Google recently announced that it was going to buy smart thermostat and smoke alarm-maker Nest Labs Inc. [“Google to acquire … Continued

Medicine and Cognitive Computing

January 14, 2014

Last fall an article in The Hindu reported, “Computer programs and algorithms developed in the last three decades are making … Continued

Predictions for the Coming Year: Digital Path to Purchase

January 13, 2014

“Gone are the days,” writes Deepa Krishnan, “when ‘digital’ primarily meant ‘email’ and ‘social’ was synonymous with Facebook and Twitter. … Continued

Predictions for the Coming Year: Smart Cities

January 10, 2014

Aaron Stern reports, “The number of people living in cities worldwide more than doubled between 1950 and 2010, meaning that more than … Continued

Monetizing Cognitive Computing

January 9, 2014

IBM has great hopes that its Watson computer system will someday become a huge profit center. According to Spencer E. … Continued

Wearable Devices and the Quantified Self

January 8, 2014

Troy Wolverton reports, “If Big Brother — or at least Little Cousin, aka your smartphone — isn’t watching yet, he … Continued

Predictions for the Coming Year: Supply Chain Management, Part 2

January 7, 2014

In Part 1 of this post, I discussed some of the predictions about the supply chain sector made by “a … Continued

Predictions for the Coming Year: Supply Chain Management, Part 1

January 6, 2014

Over the past couple of months, SupplyChainBrain has published several articles offering views about what lies ahead in 2014 in … Continued

Companies Still Struggling with the Digital Path to Purchase

January 3, 2014

Susan Gunelius, President & CEO at KeySplash Creative, Inc., reports that a recent report released by the Chief Marketing Office … Continued

Feigenbaum Predicts that Artificial Intelligence Will Provide “Wow”

January 2, 2014

I recently attended a conference at which Professor Edward Feigenbaum delivered a presentation entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Creativity: Then, Now, … Continued

Happy New Year 2014

January 1, 2014

Throughout much of the world, New Year’s Day is observed on January 1, the first day of the year on … Continued