Artificial Intelligence and Moral Dilemmas

June 29, 2012

Don Brandes writes, "It is estimated that by 2020 a $1,000 dollar computer will have the processing power to match … Continued

Supply Chain Megatrends, Part 2

June 28, 2012

In yesterday's post, I discussed the first six supply chain megatrends of the dozen identified by Dan Gilmore, editor-in-chief of … Continued

Supply Chain Megatrends, Part 1

June 27, 2012

In two separate posts, Dan Gilmore, editor-in-chief of Supply Chain Digest, has listed a dozen "megatrends" that he believes will … Continued

The State of U.S. Logistics

June 26, 2012

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) issues an Annual State of Logistics Report and the latest report was … Continued

Supply Chain Complexity: Challenges and Opportunities

June 25, 2012

"Are these the most complex and challenging supply chain times ever," asks Dan Gilmore, editor-in-chief of Supply Chain Digest. ["The … Continued

Teaching Innovation

June 22, 2012

"Academics don't necessarily agree on what innovation is," writes Melissa Korn, "but that hasn't stopped them from trying to teach … Continued

Many Supply Chains Remain Too Vulnerable to Risk

June 21, 2012

"Despite a number of wake-up calls from last year's catastrophic events," declares a press release from Marsh, an insurance broking … Continued

Artificial Intelligence and Human Brains

June 20, 2012

In a previous three-part series entitled "Artificial Intelligence: The Quest for Machines that Think Like Humans," I noted that many … Continued

The Importance of People in the Supply Chain

June 19, 2012

Pedro Rodríguez, an educator at the University of Wisconsin who specializes in the supply chain, believes "companies need to invest … Continued

Supply Chain Transformation: Start with a Holistic View

June 18, 2012

Lou Arace, a partner at Logistics Resources International (LRI), told the staff at SupplyChainBrain that when sectors of the supply … Continued

A Matter of Taste

June 15, 2012

In several past posts, I've noted that companies with international ambitions need to be cognizant of cultural differences that could … Continued

Supply Chain Sustainability: Measuring its Effectiveness

June 14, 2012

Andrea Schoen, director of environmental affairs at DB Schenker Logistics, believes that "sustainability will, with time, become a key performance … Continued

Thirty Years of Supply Chain Management

June 13, 2012

Kinaxis bloggers are writing a series of posts looking back over the past thirty years of supply chain management. The … Continued

Transforming Supply Chains

June 12, 2012

The world is changing and supply chains must change with it. At least, that is the view of many supply … Continued

Supply Chain Visibility and Complexity

June 11, 2012

"In today's world," writes Naveen Polyamut, "supply chains are no longer localized to an organization's four walls. As companies go … Continued

KPMG Identifies 10 Megaforces that Will Shape the Business Landscape, Part 2

June 8, 2012

In Part 1 of this two-part series, I discussed five of the ten mega-trends identified by KPMG analysts in report … Continued

KPMG Identifies 10 Megaforces that Will Shape the Business Landscape, Part 1

June 7, 2012

In a report published earlier this year, KPMG analysts identify “ten sustainability megaforces that will impact each and every business … Continued

Artificial Intelligence: The Past and Future, Part 2

June 6, 2012

In Part 1 of this two-part series on artificial intelligence, I discussed the history of artificial intelligence (AI) as presented … Continued

Artificial Intelligence: The Past and Future, Part 1

June 5, 2012

Earlier this year, the staff at bit-tech published a short, but excellent, history of artificial intelligence (AI). ["The story of … Continued

Supply Chain Visibility Required to Reduce Costs

June 4, 2012

The editorial staff at Supply Chain Standard reports that a recent study "found that growing supply chain complexity was a … Continued

Green Supply Chains: Focus Turns to ROI

June 1, 2012

The editorial staff at The Green Supply Chain reported, "The annual Sustainability in logistics report from American Shipper magazine, co-sponsored … Continued