Friendship, Happiness, and Courage in the Workplace

September 30, 2011

As an employer, I’m aware that job satisfaction is critical for retaining great employees. Employers would love to be able … Continued

Orabrush, Laughter, and the Wal-Mart Supply Chain

September 29, 2011

Every manufacturer wants to get its products on Wal-Mart’s shelves. The reason is simple: Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer. … Continued

Managing Supply Chain Risk

September 28, 2011

Supply chain risk management expert Daniel Stengl writes, “After a major disruption there are many firms [that] severely suffer and … Continued

Is Risk Assessment Getting More Difficult?

September 27, 2011

Despite access to more information and significant increases in available computing power, Carol Matlack concludes, “As the global economy gets … Continued

Improving Supply Chain Performance

September 26, 2011

Last December, Max Jeffrey, an integration consultant at Kinaxis, asked an important question, "Do you know the impact of the … Continued

Creating Jobs in America, Part 2

September 23, 2011

In yesterday's post, I discussed some of the initial recommendations offered by the President's Jobs and Competitiveness Council as well … Continued

Creating Jobs in America, Part 1

September 22, 2011

In June, two members of the President's Jobs and Competitiveness Council, Jeffrey Immelt, the Council's Chairman as well as the … Continued

The “Big Data” Dialogues, Part 3

September 21, 2011

In Parts One and Two of these dialogues, I discussed the subject of big data from a supply perspective — … Continued

The “Big Data” Dialogues, Part 2

September 20, 2011

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed a blog by supply chain analyst Lora Cecere that introduced us to … Continued

The “Big Data” Dialogues, Part 1

September 19, 2011

Supply chain analysts Lora Cecere and Bob Ferrari have engaged in an online dialogue about big data in the supply … Continued

Attention to the Cold Arctic Heats Up

September 16, 2011

Last December I wrote about the attention that the so-called Northwest Passage is receiving now that climate change has made … Continued

Update: Reducing the Operating Costs of Truck Transportation

September 15, 2011

After posting a blog entitled Reducing the Operating Costs of Truck Transportation, I was contacted by Tom Stitt from Staxxon, … Continued

Does Kindness Pay?

September 14, 2011

Stephen Grellet, a famous Quaker missionary, wrote, “I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore … Continued

The Birth and Death of Industry Hubs

September 13, 2011

A couple of years ago Ann-Elise Henzl, a reporter for Milwaukee's public radio station WUWM, asked a provocative question: "Is … Continued

Reducing Supply Chain Complexity

September 12, 2011

In a post written last month, noted supply chain analyst Lora Cecere discussed the complexity she perceives in many corporate … Continued

Teaching Problem Solving Skills in Math and Science, Part 2

September 9, 2011

In yesterday’s post, I discussed a number of recommendations that have been offered about how to get more students into … Continued

Teaching Problem Solving Skills in Math and Science, Part 1

September 8, 2011

There has been a lot of discussion about the American education system in the news recently. It seems that everyone … Continued

Entrepreneurship Not for the Faint of Heart

September 7, 2011

Although I'm a big advocate of entrepreneurship, I'm also a realist. Although many entrepreneurs dream of making their fortune by … Continued

Supply Chain Visibility

September 6, 2011

Supply chain visibility is a characteristic that most analysts believe will be increasingly important in the years ahead. They also … Continued

Labor Day 2011

September 5, 2011

I would have liked to have titled this post “Happy Labor Day”; but, with an unemployment rate hovering over 9 … Continued

Electrolux Design Lab 2011

September 2, 2011

Last year I wrote about the annual Electrolux Design Lab contest in a post entitled Designing the Future. The design … Continued

Looking Ahead in Supply Chain Transportation

September 1, 2011

A year ago the folks at Supply Chain Digest reported the findings of "the State of the Freight Report from … Continued