Funding for the System Administration Force

March 31, 2009

During last year’s presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to focus on the conflict in Afghanistan — a conflict that, by … Continued

Looking for the Next Big Idea

March 30, 2009

BusinessWeek periodically publishes a special section on innovation. It's latest report was published in the March 23 & 30, 2009, … Continued

Innovations from Emerging Market Economies

March 27, 2009

In a draft report entitled, “Innovation Shift” to the Emerging Economies: Cases from IT and Heavy Industries, Leonard Lynn and … Continued

Persistent Ocean Surveillance

March 26, 2009

A couple of years ago Enterra Solutions' Senior Director for Communications and Research, Bradd Hayes, supported a Chief of Naval … Continued

China Grows Stronger during Economic Bad Times

March 25, 2009

The best time to have money is when nobody else does. Head to any foreclosure sale and you'll understand what … Continued

The Emergence of North Africa

March 24, 2009

For decades, the Maghreb has been best known for being part of the arc of crisis that begins at Gibraltar … Continued

Somalia Remains Mired in Failure

March 23, 2009

I have posted a couple of blogs about Somalia in the past [Somalia — Poster Child of Failed States and … Continued

Belief and Business

March 20, 2009

As president and CEO of a company that conducts business internationally, I must be aware of cultural differences in how … Continued

Trading Up or Trading Down?

March 19, 2009

The current financial recession (which is quickly becoming the Great Recession) has exposed people to topics that would not have … Continued

All Atwitter

March 18, 2009

Anyone with any interest in technology, connectivity, Web 2.0, and similar topics has at least heard of Twitter, a microblogging … Continued

North Korea’s Reckless hold on Power

March 17, 2009

North Korea apparently finds great joy in poking sticks into the eyes of more developed countries. The strategy it uses … Continued

Iran and the Future

March 16, 2009

In an earlier post entitled Iran and the Bomb, I discussed opinions by New York Times' op-ed columnist and my … Continued

What’s ahead for the Middle Class?

March 13, 2009

American politicians continually claim they are watching out for the middle class. But few pundits can agree on what constitutes … Continued

Globalization’s Progress — Slowed or in Retreat?

March 12, 2009

No matter what standard one might use to measure the extent of the current financial crisis, all the results confirm … Continued

The Current State of Green Energy Technologies

March 11, 2009

In a previous post [The Future of Energy], I indicated that in a later post I would discuss some of … Continued

Penetrating the Deep Web

March 10, 2009

I have written a number of posts about search engines and the World Wide Web. New search engines are routinely … Continued

Job Creation and State Capitalism

March 9, 2009

State capitalism is defined as an economic system that is primarily capitalistic but in which there is some degree of … Continued

Entrepreneurs and Economic Recovery

March 6, 2009

In almost every post that I've written that has touched on the current financial crisis, I have stressed the importance … Continued

“Numbers” in Real Life

March 5, 2009

Crime shows on American television that highlight modern technologies or techniques almost always exaggerate what is actually available in real … Continued

Fostering Innovation and Restoring America’s Competitive Edge

March 4, 2009

In his first address to the Congress (24 February 2009), President Barack Obama frankly confronted the financial mess that affects … Continued

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar Plan

March 3, 2009

The United Arab Emirates has become a jewel in the desert because it is floating on a sea of oil. … Continued

Newspapers, News Magazines, and Blogs

March 2, 2009

Anyone who keeps up with current affairs knows that the print media is having a very difficult time. The Rocky … Continued