Language and Learning

April 30, 2008

My company, Enterra Solutions, like all companies, uses some descriptive phrases that it has trademarked to help explain what the … Continued

Outsourcing Science

April 29, 2008

In a recent post [Speaking in Numbers], I discussed the fact that the United States needs a program to stimulate … Continued

Cellphones and Development

April 28, 2008

One of the recurring themes of this blog is connectivity. I have written about connectivity within organizations as well as … Continued

The Growing Concern over Small Nukes

April 25, 2008

When analysts involved in national security affairs get together to contemplate the future, they must look at both the probability … Continued

Resilient Iraqi Businesses

April 24, 2008

Long time readers of this blog know that my company, Enterra Solutions, is working in Iraq to help stimulate its … Continued

Book Publishing and the Web

April 23, 2008

It seems there is an aspiring author in all of us just yearning to be set free. The World Wide … Continued

Microsoft Moves from Virtual Highways to Real Ones

April 22, 2008

Driving in the Washington, DC, area as much as I do, I’m quite aware of the frustration that can be … Continued

Two Views of the Emerging Geopolitical Landscape

April 21, 2008

I am a proponent of examining alternative futures in order to better prepare courses of action that might be needed … Continued

Rising Food Prices take the World’s Stage

April 18, 2008

The nasty word "inflation" is starting to be heard in more press reports than it has in a long, long … Continued

Microfinancing Turns Greedy in Mexico

April 17, 2008

I have written several posts focused on microfinance and small loans (see, for example, Financing the Poor and Small Loans … Continued

Speaking in Numbers

April 16, 2008

One of the reasons that I can market my company's products and offerings around the world is that the underlying … Continued

Feeding the Dragon

April 15, 2008

In my post China’s Hunger for Raw Materials, I noted that China is scouring the globe securing access to natural … Continued

China’s Hunger for Raw Materials

April 14, 2008

Anyone who has watched the price of commodities rise knows that China is somehow involved in pushing up the prices … Continued

The Importance of Willpower

April 11, 2008

To be successful in business, it helps to have some understanding of what motivates people — be they employees or … Continued

Development and Infrastructure

April 10, 2008

In my discussions about Development-in-a-Box™, I have stressed the importance of infrastructure in critical areas such as transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, … Continued

The Race for a 100 mpg Car

April 9, 2008

Last month I wrote a post about Google teaming with the X Prize Foundation to sponsor a contest to send … Continued

Happy Birthday DARPA

April 8, 2008

Everyone who surfs the Internet or sends email owes a debt to the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (commonly known … Continued

Demand for Coal Increases as do Environmental Concerns

April 7, 2008

There has been an upsurge the past couple of years in the attention being paid to climate change and its … Continued

Development and the Rule of Law

April 4, 2008

Corruption is one of the surest ways to undermine development. Almost every country at the bottom of the economic pyramid … Continued

The Global Economy through a Different Lens

April 3, 2008

Most of the economic buzz at the moment is about whether the U.S. is in or headed towards recession and … Continued

The Search for Peaceful Transition

April 2, 2008

With the news that Robert Mugabe, the tyrant who has run Zimbabwe into the ground over the past 28 years, … Continued

Legacies that Last

April 1, 2008

One of the challenges of the information age is moving forward while accommodating legacy systems. Legacy systems linger for a … Continued