Art Imitates Life — Resilience in the Movies

August 31, 2006

In an amusing New York Times article entitled "French Prince of Mumbai, Building a Global Audience" [21 August 2006], Laura … Continued

The Future of Nuclear Power

August 30, 2006

One of Enterra Solutions’ focuses is critical infrastructure, including the utility industry. This summer’s heat wave, with its occasional black … Continued

Singapore Revisited

August 29, 2006

My blog concerning Singapore’s Resilient Strategy has received more comments than most posts. One pundit, Nimble Books Publisher W. Frederick … Continued

Singapore’s Resilient Strategy

August 25, 2006

A few year’s ago, the Kevin Bacon Game was all the rage among the entertainment crowd. The goal of the … Continued

Information Sharing in the Intelligence Community

August 24, 2006

Karen DeYoung writing in the Washington Post discusses how the intelligence community has changed in the five years since 9/11 … Continued

Promoting more Resilient DoD IT Architectures

August 23, 2006

An article posted on discusses a Department of Defense (DoD) report that urges the Department to adopt an open … Continued

Wiring Rwanda to the World

August 22, 2006

In the panoply of nations, Rwanda stands out as one nation which has suffered through a number of calamities including … Continued

System Administration Work in Lebanon

August 18, 2006

There have been a number of articles in the media about rebuilding Lebanon now that a cease fire is in … Continued

Separate & Succeed?

August 17, 2006

As the Iraqi insurgency drags on, more and more Americans are wondering how and when the occupation is going to … Continued

The Military/Market Nexus

August 16, 2006

As Tom Barnett and I meet with government, non-government, and commercial groups, we often talk about the importance of the … Continued

Charity, Horizontal Scenarios & Resilience

August 15, 2006

In my blog about the need for Global Leadership, I noted that “the reason that Hamas and Hezbollah and al … Continued

Brands, Word of Mouth & Resiliency

August 11, 2006

I have posted comments before about corporate responsibility and attempts some companies have made to be socially responsible ("Corporate Conscience"). … Continued

Globalization’s Competitive Landscape

August 10, 2006

I started Enterra Solutions because I saw companies struggling with tectonic shifts in the competitive environment that emerged at the … Continued

Leadership, Trade Talks & Resilience

August 9, 2006

In an opinion piece published in the Washington Post, Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) discussed the potential consequences of the collapse … Continued

Wal-Mart, Culture & Resiliency

August 8, 2006

In July 2006, retail giant Wal-Mart announced that it was pulling out of Germany, where it had lost millions of … Continued

The Need for Global Leadership

August 4, 2006

Yesterday I discussed the collapse of the Doha round of trade talks and its likely consequences. Were that the only … Continued

Doha Trade Talks & Globalization’s Future

August 3, 2006

This week’s Economist magazine discusses the collapse of the Doha round of trade talks that started after the system perturbation … Continued

On blogs and other items

August 2, 2006

An article in the 30 July New York Times asks the headline question, "All the Internet’s a Stage. Why Don’t … Continued

Black Fever and Resilience

August 1, 2006

Yesterday’s New York Times contained an interesting article about a charity that was formed to promote drugs that are effective … Continued