Logistics, Connectivity, and Security

March 31, 2006

Tom Barnett points to a long and thoughtful post by Shawn Beilfuss on the role of logistics in stabilizing Gap … Continued

Networks and Public Health: Seeds of Resilience

March 30, 2006

Worth reading: a thoughtful omnibus post by Bruno Giussani, reporting on several developments and viewpoints at the intersection of IT … Continued

A Different Take on Resilience: Mallaby on American Business Culture

March 28, 2006

Dan Drezner cites this provocative take about the basis for American competitiveness in the era of globalization — by Sebastian … Continued

Hutchinson on Terrorism: Unpredictability, Again

March 27, 2006

Art Hutchinson returns to the theme of unpredictability, this time in the context of terrorism: Terrorism is fundamentally not a … Continued

Businesspundit on the Value of Experts

March 24, 2006

Businesspundit raises doubts about the wisdom of crowds and speaks in favor of the wisdom of experts. Provocative comments, very … Continued

Net-Centric Resilience: Serving Information to the Warfighter

March 21, 2006

Defense Tech provides an overview of an Army Times article on the U.S. Army’s CALL (Center for Army Lessons Learned) … Continued

Why Process Is Essential: James Pinkerton at TCS Daily

March 20, 2006

James Pinkerton writes, in the first installment of a two-part article at Tech Central Station’s TCS Daily, that we pay … Continued

Avian Flu, Continuity, Resilience: The New York Times and Jeff Jarvis

March 17, 2006

The New York Times reported yesterday on the potential impact of Avian Flu on business ("Is Business Ready for a … Continued

Trust and Assurance Update

March 16, 2006

Dave Chesebrough, President of The Association for Enterprise Integration (AFEI) writes at The Net-Centric Dialog about the persistent and growing … Continued

Art Hutchinson on Avian Flu: Predictability, Positive Action and Resilience

March 15, 2006

Interesting comments by Art Hutchinson about Avian Flu.  Reacting to recent news reports and to the Wyoming Pandemic Flu Summit, … Continued

Resilience, Decentralization, Security: John Robb in Fast Company

March 14, 2006

There’s growing recognition that we need resilience — and that networked, adaptive systems are the way to achieve it.  The … Continued

Energy and Resilience: Yergin in Foreign Affairs

March 10, 2006

Daniel Yergin, chairman of CERA (Cambridge Energy Research Associates), is the author of “Ensuring Energy Security,” an extensive article just … Continued

ZenPundit on Mazarr

March 9, 2006

As promised, ZenPundit is up with a balanced critique of Mazarr’s article ("Extremism, Terror, and the Future of Conflict," Policy … Continued

Mazarr: “Extremism, Terror, and the Future of Conflict”

March 8, 2006

Commentary is underway in the blogosphere about this extremely complex article — "Extremism, Terror, and the Future of Conflict," by … Continued

Upcoming on Defense Tech: Real-World Net-Centricity

March 7, 2006

Defense Tech announces an upcoming story on how network-centric warfare technologies are performing in the real world (scroll down to … Continued

SOX, Innovation, and Resilience

March 6, 2006

Bob Greifeld, President and CEO of NASDAQ, argues today in the Wall Street Journal op-ed ("It’s Time To Pull Up … Continued

Avian Flu: A Resilient Response

March 3, 2006

Today, more commentary in The New York Times that helps make the case for resilience.  Kendall Hoyt writes about the … Continued

Stability, Resilience, and Democratic Values

March 2, 2006

Robert D. Kaplan, writing in The Washington Post, is right and wrong at the same time: Globalization and other dynamic … Continued

Mardi Gras: Resilience and Culture

March 2, 2006

As we’ve pointed out before, here and here, for example, culture is a critical element of resilience.  Resilience is the … Continued

Iraq, The Grid, and Resilience

March 2, 2006

Good commentary in today’s New York Times by Glenn Zorpette of IEEE, about the critical role of the power grid … Continued